Thursday, April 25, 2013

No Big Conference for Nintendo At E3

It looks like this year at E3 Nintendo is taking a smaller approach.  There will be no large scale press conference at the big Entertainment Expo this June, but rather smaller closed hand software talks for American and Western Media developers.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata had this to say:
"In the past we invited reporters, investors and analysts, industry partners, such as software publishers, and distributors who attended E3 to our large-scale presentations. We also used them as a communication tool in which we broadcast our presentations on the Internet to reach out to video game fans around the globe. I believe that many are expecting us to host a similar event this year.
First, we decided not to host a large-scale presentation targeted at everyone in the international audience where we announce new information as we did in the past.
Instead, at the E3 show this year, we are planning to host a few smaller events that are specifically focused on our software lineup for the U.S. market. There will be one closed event for American distributors, and we will hold another closed hands-on experience event, for mainly the Western gaming media. Also, I did not speak at last year’s presentation, and I am not planning to speak at these events at the E3 show this year either. Apart from these exclusive events for visitors, we are continuing to investigate ways to deliver information about our games directly to our home audience around the time of E3. We will share more information about them once they have officially been decided.
During the E3 period, we will utilize our direct communication tools, such as Nintendo Direct, to deliver information to our Japanese audience, including those who are at this financial briefing, mainly focusing on the software that we are going to launch in Japan, and we will take the same approach outside Japan for the overseas fans as well."
I guess for all of the gamers that were expecting something big at E3 from Nintendo may be feeling a little more than underwhelmed at their hand this year.  It doesn't sound like a good move for Nintendo which should be having something BIG to go up against Sony and Microsoft, who will be there talking up their next generation consoles.

Is it me or does this sound like a company that is all but rolling over and dying?  Their 3DS is doing gang busters, but the PS VITA is right up there in 3rd place, at least in Japan.  Nintendo needs E3 to make a BIG boost for the Wii U and it looks like they are playing it too close and too small.

Some people say at events like this 'Go big or go home.'  It sounds like Nintendo already has their bags packed.

What do you the reader think of this approach Nintendo is taking this year for E3?  Is it something that may work for their favor in the long run? Or something that will ultimately backfire in their face because they will get lost in the shuffle?  Let us know with a comment below.

Source: My Nintendo News

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